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M108SDSL Low Profile



Kubota's M108S keeps everything low to meet your high expectations. Standing only 69-inches tall, with folded ROPS, this utility tractor is perfect for low clearance applications and packed with unbeatable durability and efficiency. Equipped with a 108 HP Kubota diesel engine and proven 8-speed transmission with Swing Shift, rest assured, the M108S may be small in height, but is big on power and performance.

  • Low Profile: With lower overall height and a lower profile, the M108S is perfect for low-clearance applications, especially orchard work. The tractor height reaches a modest 91 inches with ROPS upright (69 inches with ROPS folded) and boasts a host of ergonomic features including low fenders, a special operator station and a lower foldable ROPS frame, all specifically designed for this type of work. Yet, with all these features the M108S still provides the power and durability you've come to expect from a Kubota tractor.
  • Adjustable fenders: The rounded fenders of the M108S provide two height settings depending on the tire size—the low setting is 55.7 inches and the high setting is 58.1 inches. The fenders are also free of lever guards and hazard lamps to prevent low-hanging limbs or branches from getting caught.
  • New Engine: The engine of the M108X has been redesigned and reengineered. Of course, it boasts the same durability and quality you 've come to expect from Kubota E-CDIS diesel engines. But, this new turbocharged engine is now cleaner than ever before and offers higher torque and incredible pulling power. The CRS (Common Rail System) and Cooled EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) System reduce emissions, helping with compliance to U.S. EPA Tier III emissions regulations. We've increased horsepower to 108 and PTO power to 96HP.
  • CRS (Common Rail System): Typically found in automobiles to help reduce emissions and decrease fuel consumption, CRS has been implemented on our M108S engine to accomplish the same results. The CRS electronically controls the timing and amount of fuel injection. By delivering high-pressure injections in stages, rather than all at once, an optimal combustion rate is achieved, thus offering greater efficiency in the cylinder. This equates into less combustion noise, commonly known as "diesel knocks", better fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions. By controlling the amount of fuel injection, the CRS also serves to provide greater torque so that operations in the mid-to-high revolution range, such as baling, can be performed more smoothly.
  • Cooled EGR System: Our Cooled EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) System aims at the same end as the CRS; to reduce noxious emissions. Specifically, the Cooled EGR System reduces smog-producing nitrogen oxides by lowering the combustion temperature. It accomplishes this by diverting exhaust gas through a cooler and then returning it to the combustion chambers, where the cooled gases minimize temperatures and hamper nitrogen oxide formation.
  • LCD readout: The new LCD readout makes viewing the vital functions of your tractor clear and easy. View travel speed, PTO revolution, and hour meter information digitally. Illuminated analog indicators include a large tachometer, temperature gauge and fuel gauge. A 4WD indicator and battery warning light have also been added to keep you informed.
  • New halogen headlights with corner lamps: We've mounted the headlights higher to improve visibility, even during loader work. These halogen lights with corner lamps are efficient and provide excellent illumination.
  • Engine Make/Model: V3800-DT-TI
  • Engine Type: Center direct injection (E-CDIS), liquid cooled 4-cylinder diesel
  • Aspiration type: Turbocharged w/intercooler
  • Rated speed rpm: 2600
  • Engine net power HP (kW): 108 (80.6)
  • PTO power HP (kW): 96 (71.6)
  • Total displacement cu.in. (cc): 230 (3769)
  • Fuel tank capacity gal. (L): 46 (175)
  • Air cleaner: Dry, dual-element
  • Alternator Amp: 45
  • No. of speeds (Option): 32 forward/32 reverse (48 forward/48 reverse w/optional creep)
  • Main gear shift: 8/Fully synchronized (with swing shift)
  • Range shift: 2-speeds
  • Dual speed (Hi-Lo): Standard (push button electric-hydraulic)
  • Hydraulic-shuttle: Steering column-mounted lever
  • Main clutch type/Brake type: Hydraulic wet discs/Hydraulic wet discs
  • Mechanical differential lock: Front & Rear
  • PTO type: Hydraulic independent PTO with PTO brake, multi-plate wet disc
  • Speed: 540 rpm (540/1000 rpm factory option)
  • Pump capacity (3-point hitch): 17.2 (65)
  • 3-point hitch: Telescopic lower link ends, Telescopic stabilizers
  • Category: II
  • Control system: Position, draft (top link sensing) & mix control
  • Lift capacity at 24 in. behind lift point: 4630 (2100), 6060 (2750) w/single assist cylinder (optional)
  • No. of standard remote valves: 1 standard (2nd, 3rd & flow control valve optional)
Other Features
  • 4WD drive system: Bevel gear type
  • Steering: Hydrostatic power steering
  • Hood type: Single piece full open hood, twin gas shock assist
  • Deck type/Pedal type: ISO-mounted full flat deck with rubber mat/hanging pedals
  • Standard tire size Front/Rear: 9.5-20 R1/16.9-24 R1
  • Optional tire size Front/Rear: 12.5/80-18 R1/16.9-24 R1, 9.5-24 R1/18.4-26 R1, 14-17.5 R4/19.5L-24 R4
Dimensions & Weight
  • Overall length in. (mm): 160 (4120)
  • Overall height/ROPS folded in. (mm): 91 (2300)/69 (1765)
  • Overall width in. (mm): 84 (2130)
  • Wheelbase in. (mm): 95.9 (2435)
  • Ground clearance (Drawbar bracket) in. (mm): 12.2 (310)
  • Tread width in. (mm): 60.2 (1530)
  • Tread width in. (mm): 66.5-78.7 (1690-2000)
  • Turning radius (w/o brake) ft. (m): 14.8 (4.5)
  • Tractor weight lb. (kg): 6526 (2960)



Engine Manufacturer
Kubota V3800-DT-TI
Engine Type
Center direct injection (E-CDIS), liquid cooled 4-cylinder diesel
108 hp (80.6 kW)
96 hp (71.6 kW)
Rated RPM
2600 rpm


95.9 in. (2435 mm)
91 in. (2300 mm); ROPS folded: 69 in. (1765 mm)
84 in. (2130 mm)
6526 lb. (2960 kg)
Ground Clearance
12.2 in. (310 mm)
Tire Size
Front: 9.5-20 R1; Rear: 16.9-24 R1


Fuel Capacity
46 gal. (175 L)
Number of Speeds: 32F/32R
Hydraulic wet discs
Pump output: 17.2 gpm (65 Lpm)


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