2017 Kubota RA2071T EVO

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Introducing the multi-talented RA2071T EVO with a working width of 23'3" and Kubota TerraLink flex system. Independently working twin rotors provide the option to collect one larger, or two smaller, swaths while the Hydraulic QuickLift allows for swaths to be easily crossed - and it's all operated from the cab!

  • FarmLine Rakes: Kubota's FarmLine rakes feature oil-immersed cam discs, guide rollers and tine bearings, alleviating maintenance on these components. All rakes are fitted with curved tine arms, to ensure a regular and even swath formation. Additionally, the curved shape prevents material from being pushed towards the rotor and allows a higher lift out of the swath. Our expert knowledge in producing the right swath, not only optimizes the capacity of the baler, but also increases the quality of the forage.
  • Kubota TerraLink System: The Kubota TerraLink System provides perfect ground contour following and stability on slopes. The trailed axle configuration enhances quiet running and reduces tractor input power, particularly in wet conditions. It provides superb tracking during road transport. And is absolutely maintenance and wear-free.
  • Flexible Raking: The trailed RA2071T EVO is designed to work in a variety of crop conditions. The twin rotors work independently from each other, making it possible to collect either one large swath or two smaller swaths. Alternately, the rake can place two large swaths into one, allowing for a total of up to 41' of crop to be gathered into 1 swath.
  • Kubota Compact Rotor: The rotor is grease lubricated within a fully enclosed housing. The maintenance-free cam track, cam followers, as well as the bearings of the rotor star axles, are permanently running in an oil bath. Both the rotor and pinion shaft are mounted on two bearings for maximum strength and long service life.
  • Curved Tine Arms: All Kubota FarmLine rakes feature cranked tine arms for significantly cleaner raking performance and optimized swath formation. This design ensures that the row of tines on each tine bar has a more effective approach angle to the oncoming crop, and also gives a cleaner lift out of the tine from the formed swath.
  • Outstanding Durability: The Kubota rakes are equipped for maximum raking performance. The FarmLine rakes all feature 9mm wire diameter tines for outstanding durability.
  • Exceptional Raking Performance: Up to twelve tangential tine arms and four double tines per arm provide high tine frequency to ensure clean raking performance – even at reduced rpm and high travel speed. Infinitely variable cam track adjustment allows fine-tuning to obtain optimum raking and swath formation according to crop conditions.
  • All Functions Controlled from the Cab: All functions can be controlled from the tractor cab. A simple pull of a rope is all that is needed to activate the standard hydraulic lifting of the swath board. And with a 20" lifting height, swaths are easily crossed.
  • Easy Set for Transport: There's no need to remove tine arms when converting the RA2071T into transport position. The swath board is lifted hydraulically and transport width is reduced to 9'10" (to reach 8'1" the tine arms can be removed).
  • FarmLine: Standard
Dimensions & Weight
  • Working width (ft): 21 ft. 8 in./23 ft. 3 in. (double swath)
  • Transport width (ft): 9 ft. 10 in.
  • Transport length (ft): 24 ft. 9 in. (with detached tine arms and lowered headstock)
  • Weight (lbs): 2976
  • Capacity theo. (acres/h): 18
Hitching System
  • Linkage drawbar: Standard
  • Gauge wheel 16°: Optional
Rotors/Tine Arms/Tines
  • Rotor diameter (ft): 9 ft.8 in.
  • Swath delivery: left
  • Number of rotors: 2
  • Number of arms per rotor: 11/12
  • Number of double tines/arm: 4
  • Tine diameter (in): 0.35 in.
  • Detachable tine arms: Standard
  • Height adjustment: hydr./mech.
Wheels and Axles
  • Tires (rotors): 18.5x8.50-8
  • Fixed tandem axle: (rear) Optional
Safety Accessories
  • Warning panels: Standard
  • Road lights: Standard



Working Width
21 ft. 8 in.; Double Swath: 23 ft. 3 in.
9 ft. 10 in.
2976 lb.


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