2017 Kubota WH15-48

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Kubota's WH15-48 hydro control walk-behind mower minimizes operator fatigue with comfortable controls and increased maneuverability. Cut up to 6.0 MPH with a powerful-proven Kawasaki engine, durable Kubota cutting deck, efficiency-boosting flexible discharge chute and an easy-to-read hour meter.

  • Engine (Kawasaki FS541V): V-Twin overhead valve design; Cast Iron Cylinder Sleeves; Pleated Style Air Filter; The FS-series provide higher compression ratio from the unique overhead valve design, improving performance and reliability. The V-twin design also reduces engine vibration and noise. The pleated air cleaner keeps debris from entering the intake and combustion chamber, increasing the walk-behind mower series uptime.
  • Transmission: Twin 10 cc Hydro-Gear Variable Displacement Pumps and Parker Wheel Motors; The dual lever precision hydro control reduces operator stress and fatigue; Two position damper allows for a more aggressive or less aggressive response from the controls. This adjustability allows less experienced operators to more accurately control the machine.
  • Heavy Duty Spindles and Wheel Bearings: Spindles and wheel bearings are designed for no maintenance; Sealed bearing prevents premature wear due to debris or lack of grease; Heavy duty bearings lower maintenance costs.
  • Discharge System: Flexible molded polymer discharge chute; The discharge chute’s structure disperses the clipping’s in a wider, higher angle; The discharge chute’s design creates less clumping of the clippings which keeps the grass healthier, and prevents the clippings from killing the grass.
  • Cut Height Adjustment - Deck Leveling: Deck has a slight upward tilt; Leveling is accomplished by adjusting spacers on front casters; The angle of attack created by proper deck leveling allows for the machine to operate at maximum efficiency; Deck leveling should be checked periodically.
  • Operator’s Station: The control panel is ergonomically designed to keep the operator in control; The control panel has the key switch to start the mower, engine throttle and choke, brake lever, speed adjustment, and the PTO switch; Simple control system that is comparable to many zero-turn riding mowers; Two position damper to adjust control effort.
  • Wide Stance and Low Center of Gravity: Wide drive tires that help put the power to the ground and keep the mower on track
  • Warner Mag Stop Electric Clutch: Heavy duty Clutch; Higher torque rating to prevent slippage and improve belt life.
  • Tracking Adjustment Turnbuckle: Simple system for adjusting the tracking to get machine to go straight; Wing nut to lock and turnbuckle to get precise adjustments.
  • Kubota Model: WH15-48
  • Model Name: 48” Hydro Drive w/Fixed Deck
  • Engine: Kawasaki FS FS541V
  • Air Filtration: Dual Element Filter
  • Lubrication: Full Pressure – Spin on replaceable filter
  • Displacement: 603cc
  • Starter: Electric
  • Fuel Capacity: 5 Gal.
  • Cutting Width: 48”
  • Cutting Height: 1.38” -4.63”
  • Blade Tip Speed @ 3600RPM: 15,300 fpm
  • Deck Construction: Welded 7 gauge with 7 gauge skirts
  • Discharge Chute: Flexible Molded Polymer
  • Spindle: 1” w/ Maintenance free double sealed bearings
  • Spindle Bearings: Double Sealed, Precision ground ball bearings
  • Deck Drive: Warner Mag Stop 125 ft. lb. electric clutch
  • Transmission Manufacture: Hydro Drive Hydro-Gear® 10cc Pumps w/ Parker wheel motor
  • Brake: Hydrostatic, Dynamic Braking w/Parking Brake
  • Speed: 6.0 mph
  • Tires Front: 9”x3.5”-4” No-Flat
  • Tires Rear: 16”x 7.5”-8” 4 ply
  • Length: 78”
  • Height: 43”
  • Weight/Wet: 660 lbs.
  • Mulch Kit: Fitted baffles contain clippings for maximum mulching performance
  • Discharge Plate: A single plate to stop the discharge of clippings
  • Cold Start Kit: Can be used to reduce engine load in cold conditions



Engine Manufacturer
Engine Type


Hydro Drive Hydro-Gear® 10cc Pumps w/ Parker wheel motor
Wheel Size
Front: 9 in.x3.5 in.-4 in.; Rear: 16 in.x 7.5 in.-8 in.
Fuel Capacity
5 gal.


Deck Size
48 in.
Discharge Type
Side; Optional: Mulch


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