2017 Land Pride 606NT

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Land Pride's 606NT is a 6' Pull-type No-Till Drill and features an end-wheel design that reduces side-loading on openers when operated on contours and curves, eliminating premature opener wear. This time-proven design allows the 606NT to stay on side hills and maintain accuracy going over hills and through valleys. With the optional native grass and small seeds box, this unit is quite capable in pasture renovations and food plot seeding. Other features like heavy-duty coulters, calibration crank, central grease bank, lock-out hubs for transport, and optional weight brackets create a system designed for long-term dependability and productivity in a broad range of seeding applications.

  • Hydraulic depth stop: Provides infinite range of adjustments to tailor coulter depth to seeding depth.
  • Choice of 2x13 Single Press Wheel or 3x13 Center Rib Press Wheel: Press wheel options allow tailoring to various soil conditions.
  • Clevis Style Drawbar Hitch or Pintle Hitch: Allows you to hook up to multiple applications.
  • 2 bu/ft. Box Capacity: Larger box reduces downtime / more acres per fill.
  • 1 3/4" Fluted Seed Cups with Powdered Metal Flutes: Delivers outstanding accuracy.
  • Calibration Crank: Calibrating your machine will allow you to put on only the amount you desire.
  • Grease Bank: Lubricate all major components from one location.
  • 4 Speed Gearbox for various seed rates: Makes seed rates changes quick and painless and gives a wider range of adjustment.
  • Heavy Duty Coil Springs for down pressure on press wheels: Gives you the range from 90 to 180 lbs. of consistent down pressure.
  • T-Handle Opener Depth Adjustment: Provides 18 different positions for accurate depth.
  • Walkboard w/Steps: Allows you to refill seed from end to end.
  • Spring-Steel Coulter Mounting Bars Choice of two different coulters: Takes shock loads better. Give you a wide range of penetration and performances.
  • Row Count: 9
  • Row Spacing: 7.5 in. (19.1 cm)
  • Swath: 67.5 in. (171.5 cm)
  • Transport Width: 8 ft 10 in. (106.0 in., 269.2 cm)
  • Length: 11 ft 5 in. (137.0 in., 348.0 cm)
  • Working Height: 5 ft 1 in. (61.0 in., 154.9 cm)
  • Transport Clearance: 14.0 in. (35.6 cm)
  • Weight, Maximum, Empty: 2700 lbs. (1225 kg)
  • Weight, Maximum, Full: 4600 lbs. (2087 kg)
  • Main Seed Box Capacity: 12 bu. (423 litre)
  • Native Grass Box Capacity: 6 bu. (211 litre)
  • Small Seeds Box Capacity: 1 bu. (51 litre)
  • Seed Box Agitator: Optional in Main Seed box, Standard in Native Grass box
  • Min. Tractor HP Req.: 40 hp (30 Kw)
  • Hitch Type: Clevis or Pintle
  • Hydraulic Circuits Req.: 1
  • Tire Size: 7.00-15 LT
  • Operating Depth: 0 to 3.5 in. (0 to 8.9 cm)
Power requirements vary significantly with conditions and practices.



Row Count
67.5 in. (171.5 cm)
Seed Box Capacity
Main Seed: 12 bu. (423 L); Native Grass: 6 bu. (211 L); Small Seeds: 1 bu. (51 L)
Empty Weight
2700 lb. (1225 kg)


11 ft. 5 in. (137.0 in., 348.0 cm)
8 ft. 10 in. (106.0 in., 269.2 cm)
5 ft. 1 in. (61.0 in., 154.9 cm)

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