2017 Land Pride RCFM4014

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Land Pride is pleased to introduce the new RCFM4014 3-Spindle, Rigid Deck Rotary Cutter to complement our line of Land Pride Rotary Cutters. This new cutter features a 14’ cutting width and is built Land Pride-tough for years of dependable use in the most demanding conditions – from cotton and row-crop shredding to pasture clearing.

Our new heavy-duty RCFM4014 boasts a 3” cutting capacity, Cat. 4 Cross Shafts with a spring-loaded flex coupler, 1 ¾” 20 spline Cat. 5 input shaft, 1 3/4” output shaft, tip speed of 15,000 fpm, and gearbox ratings of 210/250 HP for the outboard boxes and t-box respectively.

  • Surpassed rugged industry standards: All Land Pride Cutters have been designed and tested and meet rigorous voluntary testing procedures.
  • High gearbox HP rating: Gearboxes are built rugged. See Specifications for actual Gearbox HP ratings.
  • 5 Yr. limited gearbox warranty: Shows our confidence in the gearbox integrity.
  • 3 Gearboxes: Allows equal torque to be spread to left and right gearbox.
  • Spined blade hubs: Spined blade hub offers tight non-slipping attachment to gearbox output shafts.
  • High blade tip speed: Means cleaner cutting. See Specifications for actual blade tip speeds.
  • Spring loaded torque dampeners between the center and outboard gearboxes: Protects the driveline and gearboxes from hard objects in the blade path and resets to prevent blades from hitting.
  • Slip-clutch protection on main driveline: Slip-clutch is more convenient than shear-bolt, protects gearbox against sudden impact.
  • Cat. 2 and Cat. 3 Hitch: Fits a wide range of tractors.
  • 10 Gauge deck, fully welded: Fully welded deck adds rigidity.
  • 1/4" Thick sidewalls: Protects sidewalls from thrown objects.
  • Round back design: Allows for cleaner and efficient discharge of material, helps eliminate damage to rear corners by not sticking out.
  • Full length skids with reversible & replaceable shoes: Adds reinforcement to side panels. Reversible and replaceable skid shoes allow for change before wearing through to weld-on piece.
  • Laminated tires: Laminated tires can handle almost any condition and don’t go flat.
  • Dishpan Option 3/16" Round stump jumper: Stump jumper aids in sliding over obstructions, which helps protect gearbox output shaft.
  • Dishpan Option 1" x 5" Blade bar: Heavy-duty blade bar adds support to stump jumper as well as gearbox output shaft.
  • 1/2" x 4" Heat-treated blades: Heat-treated blades last longer than non-heat-treated blades
  • 3" Diameter cutting capacity: Aids in cutting brush.
  • Shredder Kit Options: Good for Shredding row crops into small pieces. All kits include baffles to help maintain shredded material in each section of the cutter for a consistent rear discharge.
  • Shredder Kit without fixed blades: Good for any row width.
  • Shredder Kit 30" row spacing: Good for 30" row spacings. Includes fixed blades to reduce stalks into smaller pieces.
  • Shredder Kit 38" & 40" row spacing: Good for 38" & 40" row spacings. Includes fixed blades to reduce stalks into smaller pieces.
  • Front rubber or chain guard options and rear metal band, rubber, or chain guard options: Reduces flying debris.
  • Three Tailwheel Option: Third tailwheel helps protect against scalping the ground on uneven terrain.
  • Light Kit Option: Amber lights facing forward and red and orange lights facing rearward make transporting on a public road safer. May be legally required in some states.
  • Paint Options: Choice of red, orange, green, or beige to match popular tractor lines.
  • Machine Weight With Dish Pan Option, Front Rubber Guard, & Rear Metal Guard: 3,350 lbs.
  • Hitch: 3-Point category 2 & 3
  • Cutting width: 14' - 0"
  • Overall width: 14' - 6 1/2"
  • Overall length: 10' - 0 1/2"
  • Deck height: 12"
  • Cutting height: 2" - 12"
  • Cutting capacity: 3"
  • Tractor H.P. rating: 80 HP minimum
  • Gearbox rating H.P.: T-box - 250 HP, outboard 210 HP
  • Gearbox: 1000 RPM PTO driven gearbox with cast iron housing and beveled gears
  • Gearbox input/output shaft size: Input shaft = 1 3/4" - 20 spline; Output shaft = 1 3/4" dia.
  • Gearbox lubrication: 80-90W EP Gear Lube
  • Gearbox oil capacity End Boxes: 10 Pints
  • Gearbox oil capacity T-Box: 14.16 Pints
  • Deck material thickness: 10 Gauge
  • Deck side skirt thickness: 1/4"
  • Skid shoes: Replaceable and reversible
  • Tailwheels: 6" x 9" x 21" Laminated caster
  • Wheel bearings: Tapered roller bearing in cast iron hub
  • Intermediate driveline: Cat 4 with spring loaded torque dampener
  • Blade bolts: Keyed with harden flat washer and lock nut
  • Blade tip speed at center T-box: 15,000 FPM
  • Blade tip speed at outboard gearboxes: 15,000 FPM
  • Driveline protection Main: 1000 RPM - 4 plate slip clutch, Cat. 5
  • Driveline protection Intermediate: Spring-loaded flex coupler
  • Blade options: Dish pan: 1/2" x 4" Heat treated free-swinging suction blades with 3/16" round stump jumper
  • Blade options: Shredder kit, 30" row: Double stacked shredder blades with fixed knives & baffles, for 30" row spacing
  • Blade options: Shredder kit, 38" & 40" row: Double stacked shredder blades with fixed knives & baffles, for 38" & 40" row spacing
  • Blade options: Shredder kit w/o fixed blades: Double stacked shredder blades with baffles, works on any row width
  • Main driveline options: 1 3/8" Connection to PTO: 1000 RPM 5 x 39.7 x 1 3/8" spline connection, Cat. 5
  • Main driveline options: 1 3/4" Connection to PTO: 1000 RPM 5 x 39.7 x 1.75" spline connection, Cat. 5
  • Front guard options: Optional: Rubber deflector or single chain guard
  • Rear Guard options: Optional: Metal guard, rubber deflector, or single chain guard.
  • Tailwheel Options: Optional: 2 tailwheels or 3 tailwheels
  • Breakaway light kit: 6 pin hook-up connector, amber lights facing forward, amber & red light facing rearward. Lights are mounted on a spring-loaded, self-return, pivoting breakaway mount.



Working Width
14 ft.
14 ft. 6 1/2 in.
10 ft. 1/2 in.
3,350 lb.
Recommended HP
80 hp minimum