BEACON Refresher Training

Training Agenda

Our agenda below is exactly what to expect from the class.
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1 Hour
BEACON Import Process

The system sync process is the central part of the platform. During this time you will be trained on how to import files into BEACON.

You will also be fully trained on how to read, utilize, and correct any exceptions.

1 Hour
BEACON Billing Cycle

The BEACON Billing Cycle is one of the most important functions to understand. During this portion of the class you will learn how to utilize all of the tools of BEACON to maximize your billing cycle. We will start with the Billing Reads module, and progress to using the monitor page functions.

1 Hour
BEACON Reports

Creating reports is vital to business operations. You will learn how to create down to the column custom reports for leaks, backflow, tampers, and many other exceptions. Not only will you learn troubleshooting of your system, but you will also learn how to create profile reports to show customers 15 minute mark readings.

1 Hour
Maintaining Your System

Every system needs maintainence to operate smoothly, and this includes your BEACON system. During this portion of the class you will learn how to handle tampers, communication issues, and delete old services from the system. We all want things to be shiny and clean, lets learn how to do it properly.

30 Minutes
Eye On Water - OPTIONAL

The customer portal of BEACON is a great feature to have, but it hurts to not understand it. This portion of the class will teach you how to utilize the customer facing portal.

30 Minutes
Badger Meter Warranty

Badger Meter has an excellent warranty system, you've learned how to troubleshoot your product now it's time to learn what to do when you need to get your product warrantied. Warranties can be hard to navigate, and knowing step by step what to do will make it much more effecient.


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What are the benefits of our training classes?

Understanding your product, and only using it for one process are two different missons. BEACON is a platform that when utilized properly can increase revenue, knock down non revenue water to nearly zero, and allow your utility to move forward at lightning pace. BEACON is full of analytics, and we understand that at times it can be hard to process everything you're seeing. But when you understand it, you are more capable of utilizing all of the amazing benefits. This by proxy extends to your customer.

When you succeed, the utility will both succeed and exceed.

Henard Utility Products offers a wide range of learning opportunities for our customers. We want to be sure that you are educated about the product you are purchasing. This always applies before and after the sale.

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