Badger Meter: Smart Water Show Episode Ten

netAMP Enabled Metering as a Service for Water Utilities

Many water utilities are ready to upgrade their existing metering infrastructure but getting started can be daunting for a number of reasons …including selecting the right technology, overall project complexity, upgrading legacy systems to support Advanced Metering, managing the deployment process and maintaining the new system post deployment, and of course BUDGET. In this video we’re going to discuss a game-changing Metering-as-a-Service offering that Badger Meter just added to its product portfolio. The new offering is netAMP Enabled, and it is specifically designed to address all these pain-points and fixed network deployment hurdles. Badger Meter is partnering with Utility Metering Solutions (UMS) to bring to customers netAMP Enabled to help significantly expedite your Advanced Metering deployments and to give water utilities a simplified path to AMI upgrades. Joining me on the show is Joey Mitchell. Joey is vice president at UMS, and we’ll be diving into netAMP Enabled and exploring deployment hurdles and how netAMP can help you address each.

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